Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Health Benefits

For Females:

  • Eliminates her heat cycle. The heat cycle lasts an average of 6 – 12 days, often twice a year in dogs; three or more times a year in cats. Females cats in heat can cry constantly, show nervous behavior, and attract unwanted males.
  • Less likely to develop mammary cancer or pyometra (a potentially life threatening infection within the uterus)

For Males:

  • Reduces hormone related behaviors such as marking, aggression, and a tendency to roam
  • Less likely to develop testicular cancer and prostate disease

Myths about spaying and neutering

My pet will be better adjusted if I let her have one litter before she is spayed.
Having a litter doesn’t make your pet well adjusted. Proper training and upbringing does that.

My pet will become fat and lazy after they are altered.
The greatest factor in pets becoming fat and lazy is overfeeding and under-activity. A sensible diet with little or no “table scraps” and a reasonable amount of exercise are the surest ways to keep your pets healthy.

I have a male dog, I don’t need to get him fixed because he can’t have puppies.

It takes both male and female animals to produce a litter, and it is just as important to neuter males, since they can father litters every day of the year, and sometimes many litters per day.

Males can roam and often escape their home to reach a fertile female. Your pet could get lost or injured in his quest to find a female in heat.

I want my dog to be protective.

Spaying or neutering does not affect a dog’s natural instinct to protect home and family. A dog’s personality is formed more by genetics and environment than hormones.

Most pets will be more reliable and responsible after neutering and are often easier to train because of stabilized hormones. What makes a male dog a good guard dog is training.

My dog is a purebred, so I can make money by selling puppies.
One in every four dogs in a shelter is a purebred. People buy purebred dogs without doing proper research on the breed. Breeding dogs and cats rarely makes money, especially if you give the mother a proper rest, which is one breeding cycle every 18 months. There are veterinary bills, shots, food, and advertising costs.

There is also the time spent caring for the puppies and kittens and showing them to prospective owners. People who offer pets at a few hundred dollars each are most likely not giving the parents the medical care that they need.

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